Doom of the Norns

by Koala Fires

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Doom of the Norns is the second Full-length album from Cincinnati based Independent Rock Band Koala Fires. It was written, recorded, mixed, mastered, designed and executed in a complete do-it-yourself manner. It has album artwork by venerable Chicago based painter William Test.

It is a concept album that follows the relationship arc of two people / beings / creatures who discover the burning energy created by a connection as lovers.

We follow the choice and / or destiny that begins their journey with one another, the passion that erupts, the reality that is discovered underneath the surface, the realization that it may have been a mistake and then the inevitable anguish and separation.

Mythological, cryptozoological, supernatural and historical metaphor floods the songs with baroque imagery and grave magnitude. Love and Loss always feel much bigger than they should, and these songs tell it that way.

Koala Fires ©2013. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Matt Mooney.


released August 24, 2013

All songs by Koala Fires -Ben Evans, Matt Mooney, Matt Retherford and Matt Zink




Koala Fires Cincinnati

“the band has a manifest talent for crafting memorable riffs”
Tiny Mix Tapes

"…the songs they write have a timelessness that should ensure a long shelflife. Other contenders for "Best Local Release of 2010" accolades—you have your work cut out for you." - Mike Breen, Cincinnati CityBeat ... more

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Track Name: The Beginning
Everything comes to a beginning.
Track Name: Grim is the Doom of the Norns
Tell me One last time, how these strings unwind.
If you're going that way, I'm going that way too.
We'll get lost again, but not until the threads spin
If you're going that way, I'm going that way too.

Your life is made of all the choices you make,
But then your choices are defined by your fate.
It's all wound up in knotted string.
Your fate is tied up in a thousand small knots.
The knots are something that you'll choose to untie,
And then you'll have a lot of time to start to wind the string and knot the string again.

If I wound your heart up in my hands
It might keep you from turning and flying away from me,
But if I wound your heart up in this string
I'd want to cut it all away so it could just be free.
Track Name: Nuckalavee
Look my way but please refrain.
Don't come to me because I won't explain
The beast that you find that you'll never tame.

Stick around and he'll push you down
Then dance around your fallen frame.
Prey on you as you run away.

He's got control of me. That's not quite right.
It's not something I face with much of a fight.
He is terrible, but he's still my soul and I love him so.

Do you want control of me? That might be nice,
But after years and years he'll escape one night.
He will terrorize, drink tears from your eyes and then scare your pain away.
Track Name: Ogopogo
Wakes and swells the surface tells, but underneath a mystery.
Submersed in this surging sea, investigate and believe

In every moment, track the slightest movement.
Hold fast to the feeling, every minute conveys.
It swells.

Diving deep I'll search for you, and I'll believe though you need me not to.
Track Name: Phoenix & Salamander
I take a photograph of you, and pour all of myself into it too.
Chemicals become our skin and bones and represent the chairs and telephones.

Everything; it captures everything.
Everything; I only want to capture you.

Rest in this darkroom effigy.
I'll throw it in the fire and set us free.

You will become the fire's daughter,
And I will be the fire bird.
You will make a crown of flames,
And I will sweetly sing your name
As you destroy me with your love and I rise up again.
Track Name: Acheron River
I see some lights. They are reflected
On the surface of the water,
And they are more like lights than anything.

I see the water holding up the light.
The reflection is never quite right,
And that's exactly what everything is like.

It's everything and everything is what it's like to look and see everything.
Track Name: Valley of the Kings
There used to be a thousand ways to tear this down and start again
But, now it seems there's just one way and it involves a match and some kerosene.

It used to be the ground was home, but now I've locked all of its doors.
So, now we'll let the flower bloom; The only sign of life on this white washed tomb.

So now you're here and now I'm gone
And, now you're gone, but now I'm here.

When all is said and all is done, we're all the pieces left that we must collect.

When all is said and all is done, you think you're burning bright, but you've gone out.
Track Name: Santa Compaña
Hold on tight because the morning hasn't come
and if you let go now, you'll just have to crawl in the dark.

As you hold on tight, remember you must also let go.
And when you're crawling in the dark, you may end up where you started.

If death would come to me I would receive her.
Wrap her in my arms and never leave her.
How lonely to be somebody that no one wants around.

So, hold me tight and run your bony fingers through my hair.
We'll show the world how much we care about the things they say and do.

We're lovers tonight, but in the morning you'll be gone,
And I'll just write another song and sit and wait for you to come.

If death would come to me I would receive her.
Wrap her in my arms and never leave her.
How lonely to be somebody that no one wants around.

If death would come to me I wouldn't fear her.
I'd cut open my heart and give it to her.
How lovely to be somebody that no one wants around.
Track Name: The End
I'm everybody's last mistake;
The one who takes the crumble, not the cake.
A hangover and nothing more
The day after, the day after the war.
I'm an illness infecting your heart
Remove me surgically and then restart,
And when you're finally cured of me
You will see how perfect it can be
Without me… without me.

You're a perfect sense of symmetry
A balance of ecstasy and agony.
You're turning pages of a book,
But only reading every other word.
The story that you want to tell
Is longer than the words you have at hand.
The ending isn't good enough,
It never will be good enough to end.

Everything comes to and end, but I won't get there with you.